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  1. ECHS decided to replace the present 16Kb and 32 Kb with 64 Kb beneficiary cards and also doing away with the white cards indicating priority treatment to the War Disabled in ECHS Poly Clinics and Military Hospitals. DIWAVE got the decision overturned and white cards according Priority treatment will continue as hitherto fore for the War Disabled and their spouses.
  2. Purchase of cars to War Disabled Other Ranks with less than 10 years of service through CSD Canteens has been allowed with efforts of DIWAVE.
  3. War Disabled Veterans may now report directly to Military Hospital OPD's without ECHS referrals.
  4. Approval of Disabled War Veterans (India) as a Recognised Association by Ministry of Defence.
  5. Issue of Special Identity Cards for Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties.
  6. Assistance to Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties and dependents in receiving their rightful dues in terms of Pensionary and allied benefits.
  7. Removal of cap of 100% of reckonable emoluments on War Injury Pension, entitling pension up to 150% of last drawn pay (for 100% disability).
  8. Exemption of ECHS enrolment fee for Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties.
  9. Separate ECHS White Cards for the Disabled War Veterans and their spouses for priority in medical treatment in ECHS Polyclinic.
  10. Priority treatment for Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties and their Spouses in Military Hospitals.
  11. Scholarships scheme for education of the War Veterans has been modified and revised.
  12. Railway Concession by online booking through IRCTC website.
  13. Railway Concessions/ discounts to Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties for travel as listed in IRCTC website, including Shatabdi, Rajdhani and other Super-fast trains.
  14. Higher percentage of Air Travel Concession accorded by Air India
  15. Rebate on Telephone Rental.
  16. Special counter for Disabled in CSD Canteens.
  17. Broad Banding for invalided out Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties with effect from 1-1-96.
  18. Broad Banding for invalided out Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties with effect from 1-1-96.
  19. Permanent invitee to consultative meetings of Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare.
  20. Presentation of issues concerning Disabled Veterans before 7th Central Pay Commiission.
  21. Annexure's sought from time to time from the war Disabled when issuing circulars on revisions of pensions discontinued.
  22. Modification of cars etc for disabled/ orders for acceptance for changes in Motor Vehicles Act/Issue of Licences to Disabled accepted.
  23. Empanelment of 54 Prosthetic Centres by MoD with ECHS of Endolite and Ottobock.
  24. The wards of War Disabled will be given PRIORITY in AWES School / Colleges / Institution. Letter likely to be issued shortly.


  1. Inclusion of War injury element in the pension of widows of deceased Disabled War Veterans / Battle Casualties invalided out of service.
  2. OROP anomalies adversely impacting Disabled War Veterans.
  3. Representation on residual disability issues before the 7CPC Implementation Committee.
  4. Enhanced Family Pension for Widows of The War Disabled
  5. Re-introduce Special category for War Disabled Veterans.
  6. Separate Cell in PCDA (P) for War Injured and War Widows Dealing with Disability Pensions and War Widow pensions.
  7. Priority For Reservation / Preference to Wards of War Disabled Soldiers / Battle Casualties retained in service in admission.
  8. Priority in Contractual Employment for the War Disabled Soldiers & wards of War Disabled soldiers& their Wards in ECHS.
  9. Allotment of Funds to DIWAVE from Flag Day Fund
  10. Publicity of the Benefits & Concessions Provided to ESM by Telecasting on Fixed Day & Fixed Time on National TV Channel Doordarshan
  11. AFT Cases on -
    1. Service element for max service of rank for invalided out Disabled War Veterans and
    2. Disability Element on percentage basis w.e.f. 1.1.96 for all disabled ex-servicemen.
    3. Recovery of Excess paid Pension
  12. SUPREME COURT case on:
    1. Exemption of Income-tax on pension a War Disabled Soldiers / Battle Causality retained in service and superannuated.


Disabled War Veterans (India), during the year has been involved in the following issues that concern the War Disabled in particular and other disabled that have benefited due to the issues resolved:

  1. The challenge of representing the requirements of Disabled War Veterans towards their entitlements before the 7th Pay Commission was met. Results are awaited.
  2. The various anomalies created by issue of PCDA(P) Circular No 555 especially the pensions of Lt's, Capt's and Major's together of those of Sepoys etc were brought before the Judicial Commission vigorously.
    Justice Reddy, during the meeting accepted the facts brought out by us and noted that a notional amount based on the formula of 50% of Salary should have been the starting point.
  3. The same issue was represented to the Raksha Mantri on 1st July 2016 and we hope the outcome is favourable.
  4. The long standing demand of Pension enhancement of Widows of Disabled War Veterans invalided out of service by inclusion of disability element plus service element has been repeated. Turned down by 7th pay Commission and then by MoD, we took up the same again in the 28th SCOVA Meeting and the case has been reopened. We pointed out that MoD had misrepresented the case by including all disabled. In the 28th SCOVA meeting, we pointed this out and case was reopened. The JS (Exp) attending immediately informed the Chair that if MoD forwarded the case to them, they would immediately approve the same. This was again represented to the RM on 1st July 2016 and we hope the case is progressed correctly now.
  5. The PCDA(P) has lost sight of the MoD Letter No200487/Pen-C/71 dated 24-02-1972 letter issued as a special dispensation wherein it was stipulated that "the service element will be equal to the normal retiring pension including death-cum-retirement gratuity would be entitled". Subsequent orders of 2001 etc were issued modifying the above. The result is that the DGL's prepared by PCDA(P) exclude correct entitlements of the disabled war veterans invalided out of service. When placed before RM he has agreed to remedy this.
  6. The orders for OROP were issued by MoD based on Draft Government Letter prepared by PCDA(P) indicating actual rendered service, ignoring MoD letter 200847/Pen-C/71 dated 24 Feb 1972. This completely eliminated all Disabled War Veterans Invalided out of service and their widows. RM has agreed to amend this oversight.
  7. The issue of SERVICE ELEMENT being calculated at maximum service of the rank has been accepted. MoD letter on which basis PCDA(P) circular 560 clearly states in para 4(h) our authorisation.
  8. Issue of broad banding of Disability for those retained in service has been taken up and RM and JS(ESW) have assured that the moment the approval is received from Min of Fin (exp) they will issue necessary orders.
  9. The association shifted to its permanent office at C6-18/1 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016
  10. The War Disabled were initially a separate category till 1987 and thereafter merged with other disabled pensioners released from service. This was the period that no more invalidment was resorted to. Consequent to this merger, the Priority accorded to such Veterans ceased. We have broached the issue to RM and hope our special category is restored.
  11. DIWAVE has started a Magazine with the name Yudh Veer Times which is under print and shall reach the members shortly